Sandcarving- we’ve made a new word.

What I do hasn’t had a name until┬árecently. You could put a bunch of tedious words together to describe it, but it hasn’t had a real name of it’s own.

Etching is described as lightly scratching a surface. Carving is associated with hammer and chisel. Engraving brings up images of vibrating electric hand tools from the ’70s. Sandblasting is what you use to strip paint off an old car. Yet all these things are used to describe (at least the results) of what I do.

So now, we have a new word. We are sandcarvers! (With a squiggly red line under it telling me it’s not a real word.) It’s not even in Wikipedia yet, though there are articles that use it. ┬áI like it, but we still need to figure out if we want to be “sandcarvers” or “sand carvers”, and figure out how to get those people who make things on the beach change their name. And those guys in that band.

Don’t worry about sinking

There are theories that state the oceanic crust formed under the ocean- causing magma to cool quickly and become dense. Continental crust, on the other hand cooled slowly and was less dense. That means that with all the jostling, colliding and ramming of plates, the continents will always “float” on top of the oceanic plates.

What a comforting thought!