Debbie from Oakrocks

Oakley and I try to reach out to counterparts in our industry at least weekly by communicating on industry forums and boards to help where we can and share images. We attend the yearly AzGlassClasses Desert Rats Function and really enjoy meeting others in the stone and glass industry.

Some people in this business want to be so secretive about their engraving techniques, stone sources or safety equipment but we enjoy sharing our knowledge and partnering with people in the industry. Each of us has so much to offer – and there is enough business for all of us!

While researching polished stones in our area – Oakley found Although they don’t have a storefront I wanted to reach out personally to begin building a relationship. We need polished stones and they may have a client that will want custom cuts or engravings.

Even though it was well after closing time when I called, Debbie was fantastic to talk to and we chatted about what they have to offer, their main audience and how we could potentially work together in the future.

Here’s to carving business relationships in the stone world!

Oakrocks has some fantastic meditation stones – what would you engrave on one of those?


Who doesn’t love a good party?  Since we moved into a new place here in north Phoenix, we had to have a grand opening party for our customers, vendors, friends and family.  The idea was to show everyone how we etch, engrave, cut and polish stone and also to get feedback on our storefront.  So, we got a case of wine, a BIG sandwich and a bunch of plates of snacks and sent out invites.

It was a great success and everyone was excited about the studio.  What surprised me was how impressed many people were with the process of what we do here.  I showed attendees what it takes to etch stone from beginning to end.  After showing one guest how I engrave and grout fill fundraising bricks, she said “wow, I thought you just used machines”.  Nope, all hand crafted here!

It was so nice to have the shop full of people enjoying themselves and what we take great pride in doing that I can’t wait for our first customer appreciation party.  More wine please!