Desert Rats Forum gathering

Special interest forums are awesome.  If you have a special interest (aren’t they all?) there is probably a forum full of like minded people discussing every possible issue of that interest.  Questions get answered and answers get questioned and everybody learns and contributes and shares and benefits.

What if you could actually MEET these people in person?  That’s is exactly what the founder of our favorite forum pulled off.  He calls it the Desert Rats Meeting because it is held in Phoenix, and as everyone is Irish on St Patties day, everyone is a desert rat when in the desert.

This was the second year of the meet.  Last year’s attendance was better, but we still have a great time and do and learn hands on what is discussed on the forum.  The food is great, door prizes are handed out and you get to keep anything you make (we are all sandcarvers whether on glass or stone or whatever), except of course for me as I chiseled, hammered and honed a 4000 pound boulder in the host’s front yard.

Another fun aspect of meeting people you converse with on a forum is that you can actually see that they don’t look like that cute/funny/sexy/nonsense/object-of-interest/furry/blatantly-non-human avatar they insist on using instead of a current picture of themselves.


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