Space… Our new frontier

Space, oh wonderful space!  Striking Stone had been, for over two years, engraving bricks, stones etc in a small plastic shed.  When I say small, I mean seven feet by seven feet- minus a few inches for insulation.  And that’s not my working space- that’s the whole shed.  With all of the equipment required to sandcarve, I was left with little more than the space that my stool took up.

Well, now we have rented an industrial studio with a nice retail/office area separate from the workshop.  To say I can now breath when I work is like saying a river can flow after a damn is knocked down!  Think on it for a bit- from 49sq’ to 903sq’…  NICE!

Come by and see!  20816 N. 20th Ave in Phoenix. M-F 9-6 Sat 10-2

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