Penguins huh?

Fishy birds, birdy fish, Tuxedo wearing wobblers that can’t fly, can’t breathe under water and live in perpetual cold…  No thank you!  But wait… what’s THISWhat is he doing?  Oh, now that is endearing to me!

Image credit National Geographic Society

These little guys impress prospective mates with pretty stones and go so far as to steal from each other.  In the rocky areas that they make their nests, they are undoubtedly experts in geology as evidenced by the common choices they make as well as the envy!

I am positive that if these cute little creatures had opposable thumbs, they would by now have invented the means with which to engrave their stones with personal messages that would make the girls swoon!

Take a hint from nature- find a beautiful little chunk of the planet you live on, personalize it and offer it to your potential mate to show her you are serious about building a shared nest.  You will stand above the rest!

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