About Oakley and Striking Stone

In my previous life (pre-entrepreneur) I was a computer technician.  The I.T. industry has changed immensely over the last few decades and my little section of it was no longer fun or challenging.  Then the “economic downturn” absolutely destroyed any chance of career growth, monetary advancement or promotion.  With that, corporate loyalty, security, contentment, pride, happiness and even hope flew out the window.  When management told me I would be taking a huge pay-cut and had to work a swing shift, all my gaskets blew at once.

I didn’t know what I was going to do, but I knew what to look for.  I wanted to start a small business rather than get another job.  I wanted to make something, rather than fix what others had made.  I wanted to make customers happy rather than just relieved.  I wanted flexibility to change focus without starting over.  I love geography.  I love being artistic.  I love toys (I mean tools).  I came across an ad for a company selling toys (I mean tools) that could sandblast and engrave computer generated images in stone (and other things).  I found it.

With support from my amazing better three-quarters, I started Striking Stone.  Now I make art in stone.  (And other things.)

Oakley Rolwing

See some samples of what we make (YouTube video)


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