Oakley, On-site Master Craftsman working on stone
Oakley, On-site Master Craftsman

Our Approach

Striking Stone is a family owned local business in Phoenix, Arizona. We take great pride in creating the highest quality engraved stone products for our customers with old-fashioned customer service.

We use a traditional hand sandblasting process along with modern computer guided template cutting equipment. This method creates artwork that is highly detailed and precise while maintaining hand-made quality in real stone.

Striking Stone permanently engraves and carves your art, thoughts, images, wishes, pictures, memories, information or virtually anything you would like on a wide variety of substrates. Engraving ceramic or porcelain tile, granite, brick, pavers, concrete, marble, quartz, boulders, sandstone, flagstone and the list goes on.

Our Story

In Oakley's previous life (pre-entrepreneur) he was a computer technician. The I.T. industry had changed immensely over the last few decades and it was no longer fun or challenging. Then the “economic downturn” absolutely destroyed any chance of career growth, monetary advancement or promotion. With that, corporate loyalty, security, contentment, pride, happiness and even hope flew out the window and then management told him that he would be taking a huge pay-cut.
So in his search for his next career he realized he wanted to make something, rather than fix what others had made. He wanted to make customers happy rather than just relieved. He wanted flexibility to change focus without starting over. He loved geography and loved being artistic... so Striking Stone was born where he could sandblast and engrave computer generated images in stone (and other things).
Soon after, his wife left her corporate job and joined the team bringing her digital art training and marketing skills. The rest, as they say, is history!
We love what we do - and it definitely shows.

Meet the Team

Oakley - Master Craftsman


Master Craftsman

Enjoys making holes in things...

Liseanne or Liz

Liseanne (Liz)

Resident Artist

Enjoys working with clients to make their visions come to life.

Photo of Dog named "Ziggy"

In Memorium of... our dear Ziggy

Employee of the Year

You are missed.

Lead Mouser Technician


Certified Public Ac"cat"ant

Enjoys doing nothing all day.