Striking Stone engraves House Numbers, House Plaques, Apartment Address Tiles, Condo Unit Numbers and Address Plaques in the Phoenix, Arizona area. These plaques are sometimes called Address Tiles, Address Markers and Address Slates.

We can produce single plaques for homeowners or 500+ house numbers for major home builders or smaller luxury and custom home builders. Based on your application, substrates include ceramic tile, cantera (canterra), marble, granite, travertine, etc..


Please click use the live chat link for password access to our pricing page for multiple plaque orders.
You will need a builder or contractor company specific email address e.g. Shea Homes, D.R. Horton, Meritage, Taylor Morrison, Pulte Homes, Elliott, Cachet, Keystone, Fairbrook, Lennar, Love, Maracay or TriPointe, Picasso, Regency, Courtland, Southwest Residential (just to name a few…) in order to access and receive builder discounts for multi-runs.


If you are a home owner looking to REPLACE a broken HOA address numbers tile or stone:

  • Take pictures of the old one and send us the dimensions. Typically that is enough to allow us to match your old plaque before you receive any additional fines from the Home Owners Association. If you cannot take a photo of your plaque as it was hit or otherwise destroyed by a nasty monsoon, take a photo of a neighbors.

If you are a home owner looking to UPGRADE your address numbers because you want something new, someone keeps stealing the metal numbers or you’re just tired of missing your Amazon, UPS, or FedEx deliveries due to small or improperly designed home identification:

  • Look no further. Send us a message via Live Chat / Chat with Us or our CONTACT US page with notes on your design (dimensions, substrate desired, font, etc.). Talk to us about your artistic vision for the project so that we may help you get just the right house numbers.


Please check your local city FIRE CODES regarding home number identification. Safety allowances should be taken into account so that First Responders, Fire Department, Police and EMT personnel can find your home when it matters! For instance, Scottsdale Fire Codes here note that 4″ high numbers for visibility.