Carving in stone


It's always nice to investigate into a little history of carving in stone. Since the beginning of human civilization, people have been smearing animal shaped stains on cave walls and carving in stone and rock outcroppings. It wasn’t long before they started chipping the rock out to make petroglyphs, tablets, stelae, etc.. Some cultures went positively bonkers with the idea and carved stories into just about everything they built. The reason for carving messages in stone becomes obvious when visiting Egypt, China or Aztec grounds - they last a long time.


For thousands of years the preferred method of carving in stone was pounding a heavy piece of steel on a pointy piece of steel. Today's method is still the same although the pieces of steel are sharper and harder. In the case of sandblasting, the pointed ends are typically silicon carbide, extremely pointed and quite numerous. It's amazing to really see what we can create with precision tools while maintaining that craft.


Modern uses for stone with images carved into them differ a little from those made in the past, but are still surprisingly similar. “So and So live here” “John loves Martha” “I miss my cat” “You are HERE” “This is mine” “There will be corn growing here soon” “I made this” “You did a good job” “These are things I like” “This is who I am” “I want people to know this for a long, long, long time”.  At Striking Stone, we like taking our clients ideas and creating a lasting image for their display. The caves are now homes but the messages are just as important.

Carving in Stone  (Phoenix, Arizona)

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