Engraved Pavers and Bricks for Fundraisers and Home Decor

CNET just wrote a great article on outdoor paving stone!
At Striking Stone we would suggest adding an engraved paver(s):
This is their article link: https://www.cnet.com/home/yard-and-outdoors/paving-stones-why-and-how-to-use-them/

  1. Indicate the family name via etching on the paver or brick
  2. Add the established date of your family or home
  3. Recreate a hand print (remember those?) of a child. Draw around the child’s hand print, we can scan and vector it > add their name and date. Why not? How adorable. The result will be a smiling kid – for sure.
  4. Insert animal paw prints
  5. Etch in cute graphics that reflect your family hobbies, company or organization
  6. Engrave a family crest into one
  7. Many logos for organizations can be engraved
  8. Churches can include etching of christian symbols and likewise any religious organizations – we have done mosques, temples, etc.

NOT all engraved pavers are for fundraiser events for schools, churches or organizations – we do a lot of etched bricks for personal home use.

Excerpt from CNET’s article below:

<<<Paving stones are a great way to create unique and beautiful paved areas within your home’s outdoor spaces. Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and materials, they’re a relatively simple way to add extra style to your front or back yard.

For instance, paving stones are great for sprucing up patios, walkways and firepit areas. They offer a good range of design aesthetics, too. Are you partial to natural stones? Perhaps you prefer uniform patio stones? Maybe traditional cobblestones or shaped concrete blocks are more your speed. Whatever direction you go, there are pavers available for creating pathways, patios, borders and even driveways. 

If you’re considering a paving-stone project like that, then you’ve come to the right place. This guide lays out what you need to know to use pavers well. We’ll also provide guidance about how to select the right ones, and we’ll give pointers on how to install your paving stones properly, too. Do it right, and your designs will last for years to come.>>>

More info on Striking Stone brick engraving here

Engraved Pavers and Bricks
Engraved Pavers and Bricks